How it works

1. Finding the procedure it´s easy!

Choose from an extensive list of procedures and specialties options.


Cardiology, urology, eye surgery, dentistry, orthopedics, reproductive medicine and more.


All the healthcare facilities hold international accreditations and up to date trained staff.

2. Let´s decide where to go…

Search from a wide network of renowned hospitals and clinics. Compare and receive quotes.


Interact with doctors and Healthcare facilities before making your decision.


Book your procedure abroad, the Wavo team will help yu during the process.

3. I’m ready, let’s do it

It doesn’t matter where you decide to go, either local or abroad, the Wavo team will be all the way with you making sure that you get transportation, accommodation, translation, and all the services you might need in order to have a great experience.


Questions? No worries, we have answers. You can contact us in your preferred method.

4. During the procedure

We got you cover. We will be all the way as close as possible.


Chose to have a specialized Wavo agent with you.


Our service is free but high quality.

5. Aftercare it is!

By this point, your procedure has been successfully performed and the aftercare facility selected from the beginning is ready to welcome you.


All your medical information generated will be safely transferred to the aftercare facility using Wavo´s encrypted  AES-256 transfer data net, HIPAA compliant by the way.


Get ready and feel better, we will be in touch!